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'Parade's End' Trailer: Here's What HBO Will Get Some Miniseries Awards for Next


If the aristocratic, WWI-era, British melodrama of Downton Abbey is not British enough nor melodramatic enough for your British-melodrama de-sensitized mind, HBO's upcoming Parade's End may be what you're looking for. Its secret? Benedict Cumberbatch constantly on the verge of tears/kisses!

The miniseries, which already ran on BBC Two last summer, begins in the US on February 26. It focuses on Cumberbatch's Christopher Tietjens, a WWI infantryman upset about his country's changing culture and torn between his adulterous, increasingly-estranged wife and an embryonic Michelle Williams literally begging for kisses. It's enough to make a Cumberbatch cry, if only he didn't have such a stiff, British upper-lip, unable to either cry or kiss. He'll just almost cry and kiss, a lot. Here's the trailer:


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