'1D3D' Trailer: One Direction's Music Gets Some Depth

February 11, 2013


You fell in love with them with "What Makes You Beautiful," their song about a comatose girl whose vegetative state has left her tragically unaware of her beauty and the rest of her surroundings. Then you fell in love with them again with "Live While We're Young," their hit about making the most of youth, just in case a sudden head injury strips away your higher brain functions. Now prepare to fall in love with them a third time--in 3D!--with 1D3D, the group's first documentary and first effort to not focus entirely on their longstanding preoccupation with blunt-force head trauma.

Just announced last November, the film comes from producer-director Morgan Spurlock, the Mansome director who's gone straight from watching men groom themselves to now following around some cute teenage boys. More than just a concert film, 1D3D goes backstage and behind the scenes, even introducing fans to the parents and laboratory experiments that created the group members, and left Harry Styles with a fast-growing, fleshy tail he has to get clipped once a week to fit into his skinny jeans. Maybe we'll get to see that, too! Here's the trailer:

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