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'Arrested Development' Bringing Back Ben Stiller, Won't Have a Fifth Season


If you've been wondering if Ben Stiller might return to Arrested Development as one of the show's many cameos: yes, he will appear. Likely in front of a dumbwaiter.

EntertainmentWeekly has confirmed will reprise his role as magician Tony Wonder, bringing fresh bread and Subway Sub Club cards to one episode (likely the Gob-focused one) in Netflix's revival of the cult series.

Oh, and about that revival: it turns out that, like the original run, it is to be an ephemeral experience that leaves us wanting more, which maybe we'll eventually get if the movie ever happens but won't be happening with additional Netflix seasons. At an investor conference today, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reportedly doused any hopes of a season 5 by calling the new run a "fantastic one-off" that is "non-repeatable."

"We don't anticipate being able to do seasons five, six, seven. We have less of a stake in it," Hastings said. "Arrested Development is a wildly successful tactic as opposed to fundamental to the strategy." There's always money in the banana stand, but not in re-making a canceled cult series with a bunch of increasingly busy actors, apparently.

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