'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Girl May Be Your New 'Annie'

February 8, 2013


With Willow Smith dropping out of Will Smith's Annie remake to, in her own words, "just be 12," before the impending demands of middle school force her to create her own fashion label, producers have moved on to a new choice for star.

It seems that without Willow, producers Will Smith and Jay-Z, and director Will Gluck--like the rest of us--thought of the girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild as a possible lead. Then, like the rest of us, they thought, "Man, it's sort of screwed up that she's like the only young, black actress we can name since Raven got old," before realizing, "Well, actually we can't really name any nine-year-old white actresses since Abigail Breslin, either, and she's like 16 now; so maybe it's just that there aren't that many famous little girls these days. We'll probably never have another Olsen Twins... Though Disney did breed those chubby twin boys in the hotel. Were they the new Olsen Twins? Shit, maybe we already had another Olsen Twins." After a few more minutes of that, they eventually got back to the issue of Annie casting, and ultimately decided young Quvenzhané Wallis--who this year became history's youngest Best Actress Academy Award-nominee--was indeed a good choice for the part (and looks darling in curly-haired poverty), with EW reporting she's now "in consideration to star in Sony's upcoming remake." At this point, it's not clear if anyone else is currently in consideration, nor if Zack & Cody really were the new Olsen Twins.

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