Benedict Cumberbatch Ready To Play Different Brainy British Guy

February 1, 2013


The aggressively-British British invasion of Benedict Cumberbatch continues with another role for Sherlock to act brainy in.

This time it will be the role of English mathematician, cryptanalyst, and computer science innovator Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, a biopic that has Morten Tyldum attached to direct. The script comes from Graham Moore, and it topped 2011's screenplay Black List and previously earned the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio, who was once pursuing the lead before retiring to become Captain Planet. Cumberbatch hasn't yet signed, but Deadline says he's expected to take the part.

During World War II, Turing was famously credited with breaking the Enigma Code, giving the Allies insight into the secret messages of those Nazi jerks and making him a national hero. Unfortunately, after the war, the British government discovered Turing was a homosexual, and they got totally grossed out that they'd let a gay guy decode their messages (this being before that would be a pretty strong pitch for a Bravo reality show). Criminally-prosecuted and forced to choose either prison time or hormonal chemical castration, Turing chose the latter, but within two years, just before his 42nd birthday, took his own life through cyanide poisoning. We just can't get a gay cryptanalyst period piece with a happy ending, can we?

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