'Byzantium' Trailer: Vampire Romance Adds a Vampire-Prostitute-Single-Mom

February 1, 2013


Saoirse Ronan is poised to become a big thing once Stephenie Meyer's new Twilight-but-with-aliens saga, The Host, hits theaters. But like Meyer, she's isn't making it there without first slogging through some painful vampire romance--a requirement she's apparently fulfilled with Neil Jordan's Byzantium. The film returns the Interview with a Vampire director to the realm of undead lust, but also adds in some single mom drama (with vampires). Ronan plays vampire daughter to Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' Gemma Arterton, who cannot resist the taste of human blood any more than she can resist any film at all with some supernatural creatures in it. She's on the run from some people or other vampires or something, and because this film does not grant vampire-human intercourse as much weight as a Twilight, she also does sex work to find victims, make rent, and keep in the current bustiers. She's immortal; why not? Creating vampire pubic lice is why not.

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