First Look at 'A Most Wanted Man': You Can't Go Wrong with Fraught Hoffman

February 8, 2013


Cinema's last John le Carré adaptation, Tinker Tailor Gary Oldman, ended up being an amazing-looking, well-crafted thriller that didn't get nearly the broader recognition it deserved. Anton Corbijn's The American didn't have quite the careful construction of that film, but likewise showed an admirable stylishness often lacking in the spy genre. I mention these things because they give good reason to have some interest in Corbijn's latest, A Most Wanted Man, which will see him now apply his touch for style to the plotting of a le Carré--and with a solid cast too. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, and Robin Wright star in the film, which takes place in present-day Germany, and sees Hoffman playing a spy on the trail of an ex-prisoner whose agenda isn't clear. And as you can see from this first look at the film, it will also see Hoffman looking sad and weary, which is undoubtedly the most classic, beloved PSH experience. U.S. distribution isn't yet secured, but will probably be worked out soon now that everyone has been promised a dejected Philip Seymour Hoffman. Come on, who can resist that adorably beaten face?

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