Full 'Fast & Furious 6' Trailer: Your Favorite Street-Racing Tumor-with-Attitude is Back!

February 5, 2013


After last Friday boldly claiming the latest Fast/Furious would take the "narrative to even greater heights," Universal on Sunday fulfilled their promise with a minute-long Super Bowl spot showing off such new, improved storytelling enhancements as a scene where Vin Diesel drives through an airplane, and the complex, layered new character of a tank.

But as it turns out, those are not all of Fast & Furious 6's plot elements! As evidenced by this full trailer, the film has at least two additional minutes of elevated narrative, including gun fights, fight fights, dancing girls, cars driving on two wheels, and a bad guy vehicle that is basically one of those cheap BattleBots robots built just to flip the other guy over. So hopefully Vin Diesel has a car with a giant hammer or a buzz saw attached to it, or he's screwed.

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