HBO's 'Phil Spector' Trailer: Al Pacino Gives Wide-Eyed Stares Beneath Various Wigs

February 5, 2013


As Jack and Jill recently demonstrated, there is no greater form of entertainment than the combination of funny wigs and public contempt for Al Pacino's on-screen behavior. Writer-director David Mamet once again brings those joys together for Phil Spector, an upcoming HBO film that, despite its title, seems to focus less on the man himself than on his murder trial and defense by Dame Helen Mirren. The fact that Spector has traded in his famous "wall of sound" for the even denser "walls of the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison" is sort of a spoiler for how this one ends, but with Mamet running things, it should still be worth seeing how things unfolds just to hear what new dialogue he's written for his Glengarry Glen Ross star to alternately shout and whisper. Here's the trailer:

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