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'Identity Thief' Tops Anemic Weekend of The Rock and Aliens


Your weekend box office:

1. Identity Thief - Facing new competition from only The Rock Drives a Truck and Felicity V. Aliens, the ill-received comedy once again defied critics to climb back to the top of the junk heap with $14 million.

2. Snitch - $13 million. Maybe next weekend will go better after last night's endless string of Snitch wins.

3. Escape from Planet Earth - $11 million, moving up a spot thanks to being the most widely-released family alternative to exercise.

4. Safe Haven - $10.6 million, slipping from the third spot but never from Josh Duhamel's loving embrace. Never.

5. A Good Day To Die Hard - $10 million, dropping 60% on its probable path to becoming the lowest-grossing film in the series domestically. Good thing it's still somehow made another $132 million internationally, huh, Die Hard 6?

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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