James McAvoy May Be 'The Crow' Now

February 25, 2013


After reportedly considering Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum for the lead in their The Crow reboot, Relativity Media now seems to be leaning away from underwear models and back in the direction of the character's slighter, Edward Furlong-y past.

crow-furlong.jpgBloodyDisgusting say the studio are now eyeing Trance and X-Men: First Class's James McAvoy to star in the comic book remake. He'd play Eric Draven, a murdered rocker back from the dead to avenge his killed girlfriend and provide somber harlequin makeup tips to highschoolers. Bradley Cooper had long been attached to the role before deciding to instead take depression in a less goth direction, and notably, he was going to look like this. It's not clear if that's still the way things at headed, but considering F. Javier Gutierrez remains in the director's chair, it would probably be a good idea for someone to start some drawings of McAvoy in a poison-symbol top hat.

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