John Cusack Shoots Guns, Malin Akerman Reads Numbers in 'The Numbers Station' Trailer

February 13, 2013


Since World War II, shortwave radio transmitters called "numbers stations" have been sending out strings of words and digits, typically read by an artificial female voice and largely thought to be a really creepy-sounding code system to deliver messages to spies. The Numbers Station--in actual theaters April 18, not that you'd exactly know it from the trailer--adds to those stations' mythology, asking: Hey, what if the artificial female voice delivering those codes was actually just the robotic acting of Malin Åkerman? Also: what if someone forcibly took over her station and began transmitting their own nefarious number sequences? As you'll see below, the answer to both of those questions is that John Cusack would indiscriminately shoot a gun.

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