New 'Lords of Salem' Trailer: Yup, That's a Robert Zombie Picture

February 6, 2013


A prominent role for Sheri Moon Zombie, surrounded by all the imagery your Catholic grandmother conjures when you talk about Obama? Welp, it must be a new thing from Rob Zombie. Arriving in theaters April 19, the film sees Mrs. Zombie as seemingly a member of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem and resident of an apartment building plagued by rats, unresponsive neighbors, and an evasive landlady. Also, to push this into the realm of "something Rob Zombie would make," inside one of the apartments resides a bed of satanic ritual and dark, clichéed music video decor. This will be the Tenants' Rights Association's spookiest case yet! Here's the trailer:

Wait, was that Bruce Davison and Richard Fancy at 1:11? Because if so, I fear this demonic prophecy may go as deep as minor Seinfeld character appearances.

(Thanks, MikeP)

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