New 'The Host' Trailer: Some Brain Parasite Romance for Your Valentine's Day

February 14, 2013


Just in time for celebrating commercialized, painfully-scripted romance, here's a new trailer for Twilight author Stephenie Meyer's latest commercialized, painfully-scripted romance, The Host.

In case you've forgotten since the last trailer, the Andrew Niccol's adaptation involves a human resistance fighting against invading alien brain parasites that take over human bodies, and give them pretty eyes. Saoirse Ronan plays a recently taken-over girl whose will proves surprisingly resistant against the would-be brain invader. The reason for her strength? Her undying love of a bro who, as you'll see in this trailer, is not so turned off by her being possessed by an alien--his rationale being, "still her body." No matter who is in control of it, dude will always get with that body. Romance!

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