Nicolas Cage To Basically Remake Movie He Did Last Year

February 12, 2013


In last year's Stolen, Nicolas Cage played a ex-con whose estranged daughter gets kidnapped, sending him on a mission to save her that may force him to return to his thieving past. Luckily for Cage, that film was only shown in 140 theaters for two weeks in September, where no one really saw it and it grossed only $300k domestic, so now he's going to basically just do that film again.

He's reportedly now attached to star in Tokarev, a film that will once again see Cage doing Stolen, but now with the inherent appeal of the name "Tokarev." The film will needlessly assign Cage the pseudonym Paul Maguire, and according to Deadline, it tells the tale of "a former crook trying to find his daughter's kidnappers and avoid falling back into his past." Of course, with an intriguing title like Tokarev, you can't help but wonder what other factors may be at play to separate this film from Stolen, and whether those factors will just be Peter Stormare playing a bad guy named Tokarev.

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