'Oliver Twist' Will Now Be a Cat-and-Mouse Cop Adventure

February 12, 2013


Running with the idea before CBS could turn it into a weekly series, Sony has reportedly begun development on an update of Oliver Twist that will pick up 20 years after the novel. Because that worked so well with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and because now Oliver can be a cop.

Titled Dodge & Twist--unrelated to the book of the same name, except in that it is still an unnecessary update to Oliver Twist--the script comes from NBC's Dracula updater Cole Haddon, and is based on a concept from Ahmet Zappa, whose last idea was, "What about Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room... but as a movie somehow?" The idea this time is to stretch the limits of what can be classified as Dickensian, "an adventurous take" picking up two decades after the events of Oliver Twist to see Oliver on the opposite side of the law as the Artful Dodger, as the two "get embroiled in an affair to steal the Crown Jewels." Oliver unloading a shotgun into a guy, then coolly asking, "Want some more?", is not confirmed but should be expected, just as Dickens always intended.

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