Sandra Bullock To Star in 'Despicable Me' Spin-Off

February 11, 2013


Having already provided a voice for The Prince of Egypt and 1995's craziest fears about the Internet, Sandra Bullock is ready to once again let her vocal cords and some computer shit be the star with the lead in Universal Pictures' Despicable Me spin-off, Minions.

As the title implies, the film is to be focused on the little yellow Tic-Tac guys of the animated franchise, looking at how they have apparently "existed since the beginning of time," a god race adorably challenging both science and faith. Back when the project was first announced, it was reported the studio felt "they found a way around" the fact that the minions don't speak English, and that Americans hate foreign languages, and with Bullock's casting comes the specifics of that workaround: the film won't focus so entirely on the minions as it will follow them to a new despicable person, the Bullock-voiced "Audrey Hepburn-like" Scarlet Overkill, whom the minions henchmanned for back in the '60s. So look forward to some Mad Men-style glamour. Also, be ready for some of the minions to get pretty racist and often drive home wasted, because that's just how it was back then.

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