'The Conjuring' Trailer: Lili Taylor Now Haunted by Clapping

February 27, 2013


From Insidious director James Wan, here's the trailer for The Conjuring, the next entry to our ever-increasing catalog of films about houses plagued by ghosts bent on revenge by way of benign practical jokes.

Already experienced with flaring her nostrils in fright after 1999's The Haunting, Lili Taylor stars as the wife and mother in a family that foolishly moves into the stock haunted country home every horror movie family moves into. You see this thing, and you're like, "No, this place is definitely haunted. You can tell by the dingy old wallpaper, chipped-up doors, and attic/basement lit by only a bare bulb that's ready to explode. People always fix up those things in places that are not filled with ghosts." Unfortunately, Lili Taylor does not notice these tell-tale signs, so she only realizes she's in a haunted house once it's too late... when the ghosts make their presence known... by gently applauding over and over:

Though this trailer admirably doesn't reveal this, the film also stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as paranormal investigators there to investigate the case. But while they're barely seen in this preview, these guys are the real stars:


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