Warner Bros. Just Going To Start Over on This 'Justice League' Thing

February 7, 2013


Warner Bros.' long-developing Justice League, set for a 2015 release but still not beyond a script, has a new problem: that script is very bad!

The not-entirely-surprising news comes from BadassDigest, where they say they've heard from multiple sources that Gangster Squad writer Will Beall's Justice League script--said to pit the superhero team against the cosmic villain Darkseid--is, like his Gangster Squad script: "terrible." Just "terrible." But the more surprising news is that while a terrible script is not usually all that much of a deterrent to Warner Bros., apparently in this case they're throwing it out and starting from scratch, because it is that terrible. Just a very, very bad script.

It's recently been rumored that the studio wants to wait to see how Man of Steel performs before moving ahead with Justice League, but some sources are now reportedly saying it may not happen at all regardless. Still other insiders are saying the studio will diligently slap the film together one way or another, "unwilling to lose the superhero arms race," a North Korea of costumed characters, forever futilely struggling through whatever false starts and failed attempts it will take until they can crush their enemy. Except, jeez, even North Korean can put together a film where they succeed.

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