'Anchorman: The Legend Continues' Adds Dylan Baker, Multiple John C. Reillys

March 1, 2013


Director Adam McKay had promised "a murderer's" of day players, but hey, he didn't say there'd be kiddy rapists in the line, too! But it looks like we're getting one with the casting of Dylan Baker, known best for playing Curt Connors in the original Spider-Man trilogy, and for his hilarious turn as father/pedophile-sex-offender in Todd Solondz's Happiness. He joins the film with Meagan Good, the actress currently starring in NBC's Deception.

Deadline adds that there's also speculation Ferrell's unofficial step-brother John C. Reilly will be showing up, and not just because of course he will. There are reports that the production has been on the look-out for Reilly lookalikes, which a production rep joked was because they "demand that every [lighting] stand-in looks like John C. Reilly" but is more likely because they need a double--or, holy shit, what if an entire faction of the film's big fight scene is made up of Reillys!? Either way, be sure to give McKay's team a call if you have curly hair and also look like a cross between a walking cauliflower ear and a pareidolic face in a root vegetable.

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