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Another 'Tomb Raider' Movie Happening Posthaste


Tomb Raider, the longrunning video game series popular for bridging the gap between Indiana Jones and a 12-year-old's drawing of a woman, is coming to screens again.

MGM and GK Films have announced they're partnering on a new take on the action-adventure franchise, which just had another game released by Square-Enix earlier this month. As with that game, star Lara Croft is going to look a little different this time--two-time Croft Angelina Jolie is not attached, and probably thinks she's now too good for this, even though, why?--and even if it's supposed to be good, you probably won't care that much anymore. Nonetheless, development is set to begin immediately, starting with producer Graham King probably saying, "So, just Megan Fox, then?"

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