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Ben Affleck Returning to Native Habitat for 'Bunker Hill'


Ben Affleck's directorial study of Boston violence has thus far taken looks at child abduction, robbery, and the violent reasons you should never go to Iran and just stay in Boston. Now, he's going to jump back a little further back in time on the subject, examining the Bostonian violence that led to the American Revolution with Bunker Hill. Deadline reports Warner Bros. has purchased the film rights to Nathaniel Philbrick's upcoming book on the subject, Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution, with Affleck and Matt Damon's best friend club, Pearl Street Films, acquiring the nonfiction as a directing vehicle for the Argo director. Affleck is apparently too busy adapting Dennis Lehane's novel Live By Night to handle scripting himself, but the good news is that his now-trusted Argo writer Chris Terrio is going to take care of it. So expect something pretty solid, likely a lawsuit from colonial Bostonians, and when Affleck says to wait "until you see the whites of their eyes," he'll have taken his shirt off for some reason.

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