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Brett Ratner's Fills 'Hercules' Cast with More Who Aren't Kevin Sorbo


The Rock and his pectorals are getting some likewise prominent co-stars in Brett Ratner's revisionist, graphic novel-based take on the story of Hercules.

Deadline reports the production will now co-star Rufus Sewell as Autolycus, who in Greek mythology was the thieving son of Hermes. That won't be the case in Ratner's tale, though, as it's said to abandon all the stuff about Hercules and anyone else being related to any gods. Instead, now Hercules and the rest of his team are just a bunch of really tough dudes, as that's the kind of gritty realism audiences demand of ancient myths re-told by the Rush Hour director.

Ian McShane has also joined the film as Amphiarus, described by The Hollywood Reporter as a counselor who's "part priest, part prophet and part warrior." Assumedly the prophet part has to do with his being a grim portent of Sewell's future weathering. Joseph Fiennes and John Hurt are reportedly signed as well, though their parts aren't yet made public. For now, we'll have to just guess which will be the sassy one.

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