Lenny Kravitz No Longer Providing Sexual Healing

March 5, 2013


Up-and-coming actor Lenny Kravitz--who, since getting roles in The Hunger Games and The Butler, has been excitedly telling family and friends he's "made it"--has hit his first big setback. Previously attached to play Marvin Gaye in a biopic on the Motown legend, he has now lost that part to former Law & Order detective Jesse L. Martin.

kravitz-scarf.jpgIn fairness, Martin sort of had dibs on it, already attached to the part seven years ago before endless problems and delays led him away from the project and into the dying arms of NBC's The Philanthropist. But it turns out it's legal action, not loyalty, that's driven the Julien Temple-directed film back to its original star. According to Deadline, when Gaye's son Marvin Gaye III heard of Kravitz's casting, he objected and threatened to sue unless the rocker was replaced with someone who was specifically not Lenny Kravitz. That demand now met, production on Sexual Healing is expected to begin later this month in Europe, without Lenny Kravitz. But if you need him, he'll be in his scarf.

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