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'Ninja Turtles' Reboot Casts Its First Guy To Pretend He's a Turtle


Producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman have reportedly found their first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to join Megan Fox in Alan Ritchson, the Hunger Games sequel star whose Abercrombie-model good looks have made him the ideal candidate to get covered in sensors and replaced with a CGI reptile.

According to Deadline, Ritchson will play Raphael, motion-capturing the part and assumedly also providing the voice of the character. On the former point, he apparently already has some experience mimicking Raphael's moves, as his role in Catching Fire is said to involve his wielding knives, which is the same darn thing as a sai (source: my mom, after complaining about stepping on a small toy knife). And on the latter, it turns out he's already something of a vocalist, too, as he previously made it through the first round on American Idol, where he noted that his name being "Alan" was close enough to "American" to mean he was fated to succeed. Could his wearing green considered any less prescient?

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