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Sam Mendes Won't Return for Next Bond


Despite the massive commercial and critical success of his Skyfall, it seems director Sam Mendes will not be giving us another Bond offering, just as he stubbornly refused to give us American Beauty 2: Lester's Revenge.

Speaking to Empire, Mendes has confirmed that he's refused what he calls a "generous offer" to helm the next of Bond's adventures in shooting guys, telling the magazine that he has too many other commitments. Among them: multiple theatre projects, including a production of King Lear and, for the hoi polloi, a stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to rival the grandeur of Shrek: The Musical. Still, the director did leave some room for himself to come back to the franchise, should he ever tire of the stage and need a ton of money again, saying he "very much" hopes to "have a chance to work with [producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli] again sometime in the future." So even if he is skipping out on the next Bond, Mudbelly, we can still hold out some hope he will return. Perhaps for Slog of Vengeance, or Heinieclaus.

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