See the Most Intense 7-Year-Old Golfers in 'The Short Game' Trailer

March 7, 2013


Each year, the World Championships of Junior Golf bring together hundreds of the world's best child golfers to compete at an international level. And, of course, it is adorable, because they're in little visors and getting all upset over missed putts, like they're surgeons struggling to enjoy a nice Sunday game out of the O.R., but they are seven-year-olds. They should be collecting Pokémons! Emmy-winning director Josh Greenbaum followed eight of the competition's top four-foot entries for The Short Game, a documentary produced by Searching For Sugar Man's John Battsek and featuring the music of Devo frontman and frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Mark Mothersbaugh. The film screens Sunday at SXSW, but you can have a preview with the trailer below. See if you can guess which kids will later have shameful sex scandals.


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