'The Hangover, Part III' Trailer: Guess They All Remembered To Drink Water This TIme

March 7, 2013


After getting blackout drunk in Vegas, then doing that again slightly differently in Bangkok, the Hangover trio seems to have controlled their binge drinking for their latest adventure, the first in which there is no apparent scene of groggily awakening to Ed Helms' facial disfigurement. Still, beyond the Wolf Pack, things aren't so smooth for the rest of the animal kingdom this go around: pig-head guys are chasing the group; a giraffe gets decapitated; Ken Jeong crushes a chicken beneath a pillow; the animal that is Jeffrey Tambor has passed on. In short, beyond the lack of hangover, this is indeed a Hangover, with all the sudden violence, elevator three-shots, and wildlife/Heather Graham appearances that we've for some reason come to expect and accept from heavy drinking. Now with John Goodman! Trailer below.

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