'The Wolverine' Trailers: Logan Faces Death, and Cheek Boo-Boos

March 27, 2013


After years of just doing whatever the fuck, because he's Wolverine, Wolverine is at last looking mortality in the eye, to grimace at it, in The Wolverine. The film sees Hugh Jackman's most popular non-singing character revisiting a face from his past, summoned to meet a man he saved from a nuclear explosion by way of holding some metal over him. The guy claims he can repay Wolverine's kindness by basically becoming his Japanese Jack Kevorkian, at last giving the immortal mutant a peaceful end to his painful existence of clawing things. But the guy is also really old, and wearing silk pajamas and lounging atop a bed of metal rods, so Wolverine is understandably like, "Sure, crazy old guy in silk pajamas, but I'm not so sure that's going to work."

Well, turns out it works. So now, in his latest adventure, Wolverine has to fight some ninjas and stuff without his usual advantage of being pretty much impossible to kill. Plus, he's in Japan, and he doesn't know how to ask where bathrooms are. Because that's how gritty and real things are. Here's are some trailers:

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