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You're Getting Another Lance Armstrong Movie, This One from Jay Roach


The scandal story that shook the cycling world, revealing that 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong had actually been riding a small motorcycle most of the time, will now be told in theaters at least twice.

Deadline brings news that Warner Bros. has acquired a still-untitled Lance Armstrong project to compete against Cycle of Lies, the similar project Paramount and J.J. Abrams announced in January.

Their rival has a two-month head-start, and obviously the best title anyone will come up with, but Warner is reportedly moving quickly to catch up, already signing on Side Effects screenwriter Scott Z. Burns to write and Game Change director Jay Roach to helm. While the Paramount project is working from New York Times sports reporter Juliet Macur's book on Armstrong's career and allegations, Warner meanwhile has bought the life rights to Tyler Hamilton--an Armstrong teammate who was one of the first to come forward about drug use--and they're now looking to secure the stories of other key players. Maybe Oprah. Or spandex.

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