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'21 Jump Street' Sequel Coming Next Year


The fact that 21 Jump Street made $200 million, and also prematurely had a follow-up script in development before it even hit theaters, may have lightly suggested that Sony would make a sequel. But the studio cleared any remaining doubts yesterday, confirming they are indeed doing that, and will have 21 Jump Street 2 in theaters by 2014. Co-star Jonah Hill is again providing the screenplay with co-writer Michael Bacall, and while it's assumed Hill and Tatum will reprise their roles, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller haven't yet been mentioned. Hopefully they'll return, though, because a sequel to a rehash of an '80s TV show has absolutely no right to be any good, and those two are masters of shockingly-unexpected quality--be it with their 21 Jump Street film, their Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs adaptation, or a lengthy open letter critiquing Jay-Z's Cuban vacation plans. Honestly, who thought that would be any good?

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