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'Breaking Bad' Gets a Return Date, More Discussion of Itself


Hopefully you still sort of remember what's going on in Breaking Bad, because AMC today revealed that they're actually going to finish this thing.

After a hiatus that I'm pretty sure left us long-hanging with a shocking cliffhanger--oh, shit, right, Hank on the toilet!--Breaking Bad will at last return to cable to finish its final season on Sunday, August 11. AMC made the announcement today at its upfront, where they also announced that their critically-adored meth PSA will now be followed by Talking Bad, a talk show to discuss the series--like the Chris Hardwick-hosted Talking Dead, but with more of a stretch for the title.

And while we're on the subject of discussing the subject of Breaking Bad, Conan O'Brien also recently did that, sitting down for an hour-long chat with series creator Vince Gilligan and stars Everyone But Jesse and Skyler. Watch below, but maybe space it out, because Jesus, the premiere is still like four months away.

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