Ed Helms's 'Vacation' Delayed Until It's Agreed How Sexy It Will Be

April 24, 2013


Plans to send Ed Helms on a new Vacation have reportedly been postponed indefinitely. The reason? Maintaining the sanctity of a remake-cum-sequel of National Lampoon's Vacation.

According to THR, the delay stems from a creative disagreement between the studios and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone writers and first-time directors Jonathan Goldstein and Sam from Freaks & Geeks. "Some"--that "some" assumedly being New Line and Warner Bros.--are said to want the film to be the "broader, PG-13 movie" we all logically assumed it would be. Unnamed "others" we'll assume to be the writer-directors want to shoot for an R rating, at last giving the world a raunchy Vacation besides the original one.

Shooting had been aiming for a July start, with Helms starring as an aged Rusty proving that madcap holidays are genetic. Now production will reportedly be delayed from anywhere to a few months to much later in the year. There's no telling how long it will take to replace all the script's risque parts with scenes of Helms having diarrhea again.

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