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Gus Van Sant REALLY Wants To Direct '50 Shades of Grey'


Like far too many public transit passengers, Gus Van Sant is making far too grotesquely visible his interest in Fifty Shades of Grey. TheWrap reports that with Focus Features and Universal developing the so-called "mommy porn" bondage novel into a feature film, the Milk director is pushing the studios to hire him, aggressively but passionately forcing his test footage upon them.

Though no one is yet cast in the film officially, Magic Mike's Alex Pettyfer plays Christian Grey in the demo shoot, said to depict "when the ingénue Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to Grey." The actress playing Steele has been revealed only to not be Emma Watson.

Van Sant was not asked to shoot the footage, but since it's not like Spielberg is out there shooting a scene of Tom Hanks chaining up a girl, his unauthorized test likely means he's now a top contender. He makes some sense for the job, too: as TheWrap goes on to note, the studios have been looking for "a high-class filmmaker" for this low-class smut, and Van Sant certainly has some relevant experience. After all, at its heart, is Fifty Shades of Grey not just Finding Forrester with bondage fucks?

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