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Keanu Reeves To Be Awakened from a Sci-Fi Pod Again


Director Brian Kirk--whose television work has included episodes on Luther, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, and Game of Thrones--will make his feature debut having Keanu Reeves burst out of a pod again. He's reportedly just signed on to direct Passengers, a sci-fi script from Prometheus's non-Lindelof writer Jon Spaihts. It centers on a space transport vessel where thousands are in stasis to reach a distant colony; when Keanu Reeves's sleep chamber opens 90 years prematurely, he gets bored and freaked out with aging alone, and decides to open some woman's chamber too--a pretty hugely dick move that nonetheless begins a romance between wakened passengers. Though really more of "a unique love story," the film is still being sold as science fiction for its outlandish premise of Keanu Reeves aging.

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