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Kellan Lutz Will Be Our Other Hercules


In keeping with his promise that his Hercules will be the more grounded alternative to Brett Ratner's, Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin has found himself a hero with a slightly less ridiculous musculature than The Rock.

While Ratner is going with Dwayne Johnson for his competing project, Harlin has reportedly settled on Kellan Lutz, the actor whose secondary role in the Twilight Saga has made him a feasible option for roles that require shirtlessness. Though, in this case, it's apparently not just his physique and affordable price point that earned him the part; it's that charming, beloved Lutz personality!

"It takes more than a good physique to portray the most legendary, mythological personality in history -- and Kellan has exactly that, personality," Harlin told The Hollywood Reporter. Lutz grinned and nodded.

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