Marvel May Have a Doctor Strange in Mind

April 17, 2013


Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige earlier this year hinted that Doctor Strange could find his way into his studio's Phase Three of future plans. Should that come to pass, a Strange solo film would be still be several years away, but thanks to the careful early planning required to integrate his character, and the internet's not-at-all-careful rumormongering, already we're hearing who could be cast in the part. According to CHUD, the studio is eyeing Justin Theroux to play the part of Stephen Strange, the only master of black magic to also be a medically-licensed neurosurgeon. Lending some credence to the rumor, Theroux already formed a relationship with Marvel through his Iron Man 2 scripting, and his part in Your Highness showed he could accept a coat of white hair streaks and CGI hand magic. Still, only time will tell if it's true, or if Jennifer Aniston's wedding day will now be marred by the knowledge that Theroux isn't Brad Pitt NOR the Sorcerer Supreme.

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