Michael Bay Not Actually Sorry About 'Armageddon' or Its Being on Cable All the Time

April 23, 2013


Following up on yesterday's widely-spread apology for Armageddon, Michael Bay has today clarified that by "apologize" he meant "feel immense pride in, because this goddammer's on cable like non-stop."

"I'm Proud Of Armageddon," Bay announced with a new post on his forums (via), saying:

"One press writer has gone too far in reporting false information. He has printed the bare minimum of my statement which in effect have twisted my words and meaning. I'm not in the slightest going to apologize for the third movie in my movie career, a film called Armageddon [HEARD OF IT? ed.]. On the red carpet for Pain & Gain some reporters asked me what are you apologizing for, and I said what on earth are you talking about?"

Bay went on to explain that, again, he merely wished he'd had more time to edit the final act--maybe piece together a more convincing rapport between Bruce Willis and the asteroid. Furthermore, he remains "proud of the movie," which, he'd also like you to know, "is still one of the most shown movies on cable TV." And only a fool would apologize for creating cable's top runner-up to "something with Jack Black."

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