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[UPDATED] Michael Fassbender Will Do Some Shakespeare


You'll have to wait a bit longer before Michael Fassbender finally just does a Jennifer Aniston romantic-comedy, because for now, he's going to keep being pretty respectable with some Shakespeare. ScreenDaily reports he's re-teaming with Shame producers See Saw for a new adaptation of MacBeth to be directed by Snowtown's Justin Kurzel. He'll play the titular role in what's being called a "visceral approach," which sounds like it means the tragedy of the story will be somewhat alleviated by how awesome the battle sequences are. Lady MacBeth has not yet been cast, but negotiations are said to be "underway with at least one Hollywood leading actress," so rest assured it will not be Fassbender in drag. Like I said, he's keeping it pretty respectable.

UPDATE: Turns out that Hollywood leading actress is Natalie Portman.

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