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Oh, There's Another 'Percy Jackson' Movie, and Logically Stanley Tucci Now in It


Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief didn't make much of an impression in the U.S.--it made back less than $89 million of its $95 million budget, came in third behind Valentine's Day, and there's no way I would have got the full title correct if I hadn't looked it up. I'd assumed Fox had gone the "never mind, just read the books" route New Line chose for The Golden Compass series, but as it turns out, Lightning Thief made enough abroad to warrant production of a slightly less unwieldy sequel, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Here's the first trailer, where you can see how this time Percy goes to the Bermuda Triangle, rides a magic taxi, and competes in a demigod version of GUTS. That's just Greek mythology.

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