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'R.I.P.D.' Trailer: Universal Figured Out How To Remake 'MiB' Without Getting Sued


Here's the trailer for R.I.P.D., the upcoming action-comedy that casts Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as a team of afterlife agents on the hunt for unlicensed dead guys trying to co-exist with the living. And here, also, are Universal's pre-production notes detailing their instructions on remaking Men in Black, hopefully without their getting sued by anyone:

- Base this on a comic that's abbreviated differently.

- Make it about dead people, but feel free to still make the dead people look entirely alien.

- Cast a different weathered actor playing entirely to type.

- Instead of giving said weathered actor a brash, sassy foil, cast a partner whose only clearly-defined trait is that he used to have a really cool police car.

- Still big shiny guns, obviously.

- A supermodel?

As fine as it is to see Ryan Reynolds dead, isn't it way more amazing to see James Hong alive, and at least three decades into playing "old Chinese guy"?

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