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Shia LaBeouf To Play De Niro's Son/Spy, Brad Pitt's Tank Friend


In Shia LaBeouf news that is still not a sequel to Disney's Holes, the actor has entered talks to join a couple new films that will place him alongside Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro.

Variety reports LaBeouf is in talks with Sony to join their ensemble World War II picture, Fury. The film would stuff him in a tank with Brad Pitt as they and three other crew embark on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. In this particular Shia LaBeouf film, the tank will never turn into a bipedal robot.

THR, meanwhile, brings news that LaBeouf will team up on a project with Robert De Niro and his former Disturbia and Eagle Eye director, DJ Caruso. Titled Spy's Kid, the film would cast De Niro as a real-life CIA veteran convicted of spying. LaBeouf would play his son, a depressed Army discharge who ends up following in his father's footsteps, serving as a courier of information between an Oregon federal prison and Russia. When your child accidentally finds this on Netflix, they are going to get so bored waiting for some cool kids to swoop in on a jetpack.

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