Tom Hiddleston Might Be 'The Crow' Now

April 22, 2013


Sounds like negotiations with James McAvoy must not have gone so well, because now Relativity Media is looking at a different comic book veteran to take the lead in The Crow. TheWrap reports now The Avengers' villain Tom Hiddleston has entered early talks to play murdered but vengeful rocker Eric Draven in the remake. Though "early talks" can mean a lot of things, in this case it means Hiddleston has had dinner with producers to discuss the project, and even sent them his own amateur makeup tests to show them how Loki looks as a goth. And he pulls it off pretty well, apparently, as he'll "undergo a proper makeup test in the coming days." It is not clear what stage of talks need to be reached before they do some paintings of him in a Jolly Roger top hat.

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