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Will Arnett Joins 'Ninja Turtles' as Not Casey Jones


In always keeping his enjoyable sitcom work tempered by films where some animals talk, Will Arnett has reportedly signed on to join Megan Fox and these guys in Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman's Ninja Turtles.

The Hollywood Reporter say Arnett's part is being kept secret, but that it's definitely not that of the Turtles' living sports bar friend, Casey Jones. They also add that Splinter and Shredder have yet to be cast, allowing us the brief joy of imagining the Arrested Development star's sinister "Michael" (see below) adapted into an even more sinister "Michelangelo." More likely, though, Arnett will probably just be some kind of comic government suit on the trail of these alien turtles--the equivalent of whatever John Turturro was doing in Transformers--because doesn't that seem more right?

Anyway, though Arnett's parts in 30 Rock and Up All Night are now kaput, we'll soon see him reprising his Emmy-nominated role as Gob in the next season of Arrested Development, and he's got another pilot in the works at CBS. Logically, with all this potentially-enjoyable sitcom work on the way, the G-Force star will next appear in theaters in The Nut Job, a film where he's a CGI squirrel robbing a nut shop.

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