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Will Ferrell, Jack Black To Play Tag for Your Assumed Amusement


Teaming up for the first time since Anchorman's vivid depiction of dog-kicking, Will Ferrell and Jack Black are attached to play a really long, probably very loud, game of a tag in Tag Brothers. TheWrap reports New Line is developing the comedy, which comes from a pitch based on this Wall Street Journal article about a group of 40-something guys who've maintained an elaborate game of tag since high school. It's now become just a month-long competition, but has also evolved to involve sneakier tactics, air travel, and criminal conduct, like breaking into homes and workplaces. So Jack Black will almost certainly get stuck shimmying through an office air duct. That is, assuming he and Ferrell give final approval of the script, which is coming from Disney's The Pooch and the Pauper writer Mark Steilen. If that works out, two more leads will be added. Then we can finally get to the business of seeing just how much of a movie can be a montage of a screaming, camouflaged Ferrell bursting out of things.

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