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Andrew Garfield To Play Undercover Priest for Scorsese


Martin Scorsese and Andrew Garfield are taking a break from 3D stuff and over-the-top New York crime to team up for Silence, Variety reports. The film is based on Japanese author Shūsaku Endō's novel, and Scorsese has been working on getting it adapted for over 20 years, since the first time he read it over a sensual bubble bath.

He finished a script withGangs of New York writer Jay Cocks back in 1996, and in 2009 it looked likehe was going to get it made with Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio del Toro. When that didn't come together, Scorsese apparently got really into Spider-Man, so now Garfield will star as one of two 17th-century Portuguese Jesuit priests secretly traveling Japan to find their mentor, rumored to have abandoned his faith to avoid persecution. The other priest isn't yet cast, but as Hollywood's only Japanese friend, Ken Watanabe will play the pair's companion translator. As his role suggests, much of the film is in Japanese, which Scorsese admits will probably hurt his box office, though he adds, "Then again, it's a thriller. Thriller meaning [the priests] are undercover. I'm interested in this, whether it's undercover priests or undercover cops." Trusted figures who will inevitably appear in a depressing corruption scandal story are trusted figures who will inevitably appear in a depressing corruption scandal story, you know? Always cool when they're undercover.

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