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'Battle of the Year' Trailer: Turns Out the Year's Best Battle Involves 3-D Dancing and Sawyer from 'Lost'


If you're one of these people who can overlook the difficult-to-look-at crimes Chris Brown and competitive dance have done with Rihanna, you might want to check out this trailer for Battle of the Year 3D. The latest 3D dance competition film stars Lost's Josh Holloway as a character that seems to be in the wrong movie--a down-and-out, presumably alcoholic former basketball coach who's fallen from grace, and now just sits around in sweatpants. But he's also GOT HEART, so, despite not having any sort of dance experience, he's recruited to coach a ragtag team of dancers that includes Brown, Josh Peck, and a guy loosely defined as "the best." To make up for Holloway's lack of dance experience, Peck finds the team a choreographer. She is also "the best." But that's just who they're going to need if team USA is to beat South Korea.

Did I mention the Koreans are "the best" too? They are:

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