Billy Crystal May Return to TV in Non-Oscars-Hosting Capacity

May 22, 2013


Billy Crystal is shooting a sitcom pilot, and, miraculously, isn't for another CBS series where a guy lives in close proximity to obnoxious parents.

Based on the 2004 Swedish series Ulveson och Herngren, the show would here go by the boring title The Comedians if FX picks it up to air. It's a single-camera comedy and, like everything Crystal does now, it's centered largely on how he is old (not that anyone can see his age through that full cap of chestnut hair). He'll aptly play an increasingly-irrelevant comedian who gets partnered on a late night show with a younger, edgier comic. As an authority on being old, Crystal will also co-write alongside Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm writer-director Larry Charles, who will shoot the pilot in the Curb's easygoing, handheld style. Whether or not the pilot gets a series order, the plan is now for NBC to just give this a go with Leno.

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