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Christopher Nolan Offered Next Bond


Just as J.J. Abrams has been given the keys to all our best space nerdery, it seems Christopher Nolan is getting handed all the action guys with cool toys and suits. The Daily Mail reports that, with Sam Mendes leaving the 007 franchise after Skyfall, the Dark Knight director has been approached to take over and finally name Michael Caine the new Bond.

Of course, the story also notes that these informal talks are in "early days," and there are more reasons than not Nolan would turn down the offer. Among them: he's already in the thick of pre-production on Interstellar, his sci-fi film set to send Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain into a wormhole or something. Plus, the job would reportedly mean "at least a year to 18 months of pre-production preparation and then six months of filming," which might not be what Nolan is looking for so soon after getting out of another massive franchise.

But as the story also notes, "It does no harm for [Bond producers] Broccoli and Wilson to talk with Nolan, even if nothing happens this time round." After all, this could be their only chance to ask if you could incept a cat.

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