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Clive Owen, Katherine Heigl Hoping 'Survivor' Will Be Their First Decent Thing Since 2007


After spending the last six years spinning their wheels in self-parody, Clive Owen and Katherine Heigl are now teaming up in the hopes of doing something decent again with Survivor. V for Vendetta's James McTeigue is directing the film, returning to the world of politically-inspired explosions to tell the story of "a State Department employee [Heigl, it seems] newly posted to the American embassy in London whose entire team is killed in a bomb blast." Lest the story stray too far from either actor's wheelhouse, it then reportedly goes into Owen's classic action-thriller mode with a conspiracy involving a frame job against Heigl, killers chasing her down, and plans for a "catastrophic attack." And because this is still a Katherine Heigl film, that attack is planned for the once-romantic ensemble holiday of New Year's Eve.

Owen's role hasn't yet been revealed but, scientifically speaking, he'll play a gun-toting savior/womanizer who will at first quarrel with but ultimately fall for Heigl's uptight state department worker. I did the Survivor Punnett square.

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